Bray Clinic of Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine through consultation, prescription and shiatsu

Herbalists €50 to €70

Plant medicines come from life itself and have an affinity for your body. They work with the body, bringing it back into balance, relieving symptoms and improving health. Their work and mine, can be specific such as hormonal imbalances, arthritic pain, anxiety or poor circulation. Or the medicine can encompass complex problems, such as tiredness, general malaise and varied/ overlapping symptoms. I also work with acute conditions such as coughs, colds and fevers.

Acupressure 60

I practice acupressure massage which is like acupuncture without needles. I have been practicing this since 2004 and use it for balancing and improving energy flow in the body. It works well with emotional and stress conditions. Acupressure works when other treatments often fail. If you’re feeling like a bit of a crock with a few things going on, that just aren’t shifting, then this is for you. A bit like bringing your car for a service, everything gets checked and rebalanced

Shiatsu €60

Shiatsu is described as Japanese physiotherapy. It was developed by blind people in Japan, as they have increased touch perception. It is beautiful to receive, creates space in the body, increases flow and restores balance. Shiatsu is grounding, taking place on a mat on the floor it is sometimes likened to lazy yoga, I stretch and move your body for you, working the meridians (acupuncture lines) addresses pain, improving flexibility and restores your natural freedom.

Herbert Road 3
Bray A98 DN20 County Wicklow IE
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